Wednesday, April 30, 2008


sia pening... nanti lah citer, k

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Carrot Cake - Servie

Thanks Servie...Next time order again k.

Nady with her daddy's Macbook.

Isaac Drawing...Guess what?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Order from my Best Friend - Sharmine...

Sharmine Order this cakes for 'Kenduri Kesyukuran' for her father, uncle Idris. Thank You soo much, dear... so, i just wait for the testimony...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

nO wOnDer i "TuTTttsss".... kG....

This is our's Breakfast & Lunch for today. If everyday like this... matilah... but actually kan almost every week we have 'sedap-sedap' and heavy lunch.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cheese Cake

Actually my cousin Ain order this cake since last monday. Only for makan2 sendiri but i can only make it last nite.

Testimony from ain

" kak moy sedap oh kek kak moy...tali kek pun cute jgk.hehe... nanti lah tlg promo k..."

Thanks Ain. Ain ni ala2 marketing i juga...

Monday, April 21, 2008


i wonder why can't we live harmony in this world? Why can't all people in this world is nice person? How can people act and think like an animals? I hate all this bad people. @#@!%%$#%$$##$^&*%$##@.... i keep thinking about all this 'tidak berperikemanusian'thing. If only i can do the same thing they do to the victim. Eh kurang ajar ohhh... Waaa... sakit hati... Especially when they do this thing to baby, kids... aduh S**L oh kan.. Mrsjordan told me something about the *** Tuttttsss... and it keeps bothering my mind.

mrs jordan : ada ko dengar cita c lan pasal budak *** tu?
me : napa?
mrs jordan : Dia punya trauma sampai she can't even recognice her own father!!!
me : eh.. kuang ajar OOO...
mrs jordan : Putus bah ****** dia!!
me : ah... napa?
mrs jordan : napa apa? kena gigit lah bah... (biasalah, i ni slow sikit)
me : speechless...

ehh... i always 'Doa from ALLah S.W.T.' kc tangkap lah ni semua Penjahat. I know one day, ni semua Penjahat kena balas juga. Termasuk 'Lelaki Itu (1) ngan Lelaki itu(2)'...

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I went back to my parents house at kg. sungai padang Papar last week and we have soo much fun. Saturday morning we went out for breakfast and we bought kites.My kids always ask daddy to buy them a kites but daddy always told them ' haiya.. daddy can make better than kedai one. daddy is champion in making kites bah'( yalah tu...). So finally, he bought for them. My kids so excited, me too actually becoz i never play one before. That morning not so windy so the father bring them to Pandai Manis Beach. Im not follow them becoz its soo hot and i want to see the preparation for our 'Sagu lunch' in the afternoon.So,in the evening they continue again and isaac can fly the kite. He so happy... ya.. i also jumped around becoz soo excited (yalah mummy pun never fly kite.)After we play kite, we went to Tamu Papar and after that we watch AF together and then.... Sleep loh...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Home Sweet Homes...

This is our future Homes. The developer told us its will be completed by February this year. Emmm... Ya its already middle of April and seems like only 70% finish. So just wait loh.. Isaac soo excited to moved to new house. He always say he wanted a bigger house like 'Adi dan Ayah' house. This house is not as big as 'Adi dan Ayah' but should be okey for our family.

Oreo & Chiyo

eh forget to update about Oreo (actually malas bah gia..)Yg that day me & lau kung sent Oreo to my 'besan' house kan.. suddenlykan c oreo jd garang. Actually c Oreo never see any cat before. Adalah 1 time after we come back from Oreo's grooming at SAMC, we drop by at Gay's house. Gay is a cat lover. she have a lot of domestic short hair ( che.. kc glamour sikit bah )trus dorang pg attack c Oreo. Kuang asam kan... (gay, if u read this .. soli)So, back to my story, Oreo so fierce and hissing all the times. she even bite and scratch my hand. Eh... mummy miss Oreo a lots actually. But my besan Nor just MMS Oreo & Chiyo in one room (cage). alah happynya... ada harapan lah. Hopefully they projek cepat2 lah. bah thats all for today.

mY cAkEs...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

mY fAMiLy

third eyes

Help.... i dont know if this is a gift or what ever it is... Aie is always can see 'hantu'. At 1st i thought she just mumbling but its happen many times and her face and her eyes look soo real. I dont think she lied. Now she can see again.( scary) last times she told daddy that the 'baby hantu' is in our ceiling like cicakman. Now still at the same spot. ( i think that is thier favorites lepak spot hehehe...)

aie : daddy there hantu!
daddy : where?
aie: there.. up there?
mummy : what hantu doing?
aie : LOOKING....

aduh mummy mo pingsan... what should i do????
aduh aie told daddy got 3 hantu. baby, mama and nenek hantu. mama hantu angry....

Monday, April 14, 2008

our family trip...

Haiya just come back from Mimpian Jadi Resort. Im so tired but happy becoz my kids really enjoy them self. Actually, last week we stayed at Tuaran Beach Resort . The room, the swimming pool and breakfast is much much better than Mimpian but i really really loves the beach.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our lunch at Kohinoor Kingfisher.

more story.. check out mrsjordans blog, kio.

My menantu. Hensem kan...

This is Oreo. I bought Oreo from Ah Yun when she just 1 month plus. she is also part of the family. Now she is 9 months and she is really really HORNY. So, yesterday i already meminang Nor's cat and he is very handsome 2 years old and still teruna . hehehe... my Oreo is also virgin. So, i'll sent oreo to Nor's house tommorow... Yeyeye... hopefully jadi..

Hallooo... i finally write something in my blog and mummy aby is laughing behind me becoz she can read what i wrote before i post. Ok lets me introduce u to my 3 little monster. My 1st monster is Isaac Wong. He is soo loving just like the father and a 'Taiko' at his school. Isaac is so special to me. I dont know how to explain but he really really special. My 2nd monster is Aiesya Wong, she is really really sweet and so ' tukang kipas' i think she get it from the Ghani's family. and my 3rd monster and really a monster becoz she is so 'garang' and she looks just like Isaac and the name is Nadyne Ashika Wong (My baba choose this name ) ... sometimes i cant imagine that im a mother of three. But im soo happy with my life and i get good 'salary' also from my lao kung (hehehe) ...